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July 15th, 2012:

Men’s County Finals

The Men’s County Finals will be played on Sunday July 22nd at Oxford City & County BC.

Printable version: 2012 Finals Programme


C. Whitehead, N. Lewis & H. Watts (Headington) v S. Richens, R. Clanfield & B. Sparkes (Carterton)

R. Pink, J. Thompson, M. Workman & P. Hooley (Bicester) v A. Buttress, G. Moon, Gr. Moon & M.Sykes (Banbury Borough)


N. Lewis & M. Charlett (Headington) v J. Philpott & I. Snowdon (Headington)

A. Prew (Carterton) v M. Sykes (Banbury Borough)

Under 25 Singles:
Dan. Wakeman (Carterton) v S. Watts (Watlington)


Two Wood Singles:
S. Richens (Carterton) v M. Sykes (Banbury Borough)

Men’s County Semi Finals

After today’s County semi-finals at Oxford Sports BC (Next season to be known as The Oxford Bowls Club), Banbury Borough’s Mark Sykes will be contesting three of next Sunday’s finals at Oxford City & County BC. His elation at reaching the three finals was tempered with the sad news that his father Mick, who was a member and of Banbury Central BC had passed away yesterday.

The first of his three wins was in the fours, where with fellow team member’s Andrew Buttress, George and Greg Moon against Carterton’s Sammy Timms, Tim Jupp, David Clanfield and Paul Sharman he recorded a 28-15 win in a game that with 5 ends left to play, they only led 16-15 before picking up a 7 from which the Carterton rink never recovered.

The Singles provided his second success of the day with a 21-10 victory in a match that he was always in control of against Headington’s Gary May who had earlier lost 21-14 to Watlington’s 18 year old Sam Watts in the Under 25 singles, after coming back from 3-12 down to 13-14 before the Watlington teenager gradually moved away to record his win, one week after being awarded his Senior colts badge in the County win against Essex.

The new Two wood singles championship provided Sykes with his third victory of the day, beating Carterton’s Alan Prew 16-6, who had earlier in the day experienced mixed fortunes, losing out in the Pairs with partner Lee Young 14-20 to Headington’s John Philpott and Ian Snowdon but then winning his Singles match against Banbury Borough’s Keith Holloway, 21-13.

Carterton’s Stuart Richen’s will contest the Two wood final against Sykes, after stopping John Philpott’s quest for two finals, with a 16-11 win in the second Two wood semi. This followed on from his 16-11 triples success with Robbie Clanfield and Baden Sparkes against the Banbury Borough trio of Keith Holloway, Mick Redman and Richard Redford.

Defending Pairs champions Nathan Lewis and Mark Charlett are still on target for retaining their title after beating fellow Headington duo Ian Henwood and Craig Nicoll 21-12. Lewis is also still in the running to hold on to the Triples Championship along with team mate Howard Watts, and Colin Whitehead who has joined them this season in place of Nick Rae-Welsh who has taken a year out. They proved to be far too strong for the Thame trio of Vic Webb, Adrian Kemish and Adie Twinn, winning 22-7.

The Bicester rink of Rob Pink, John Thompson, 2003 County President Martin Workman and skip Paul Hooley having reached the ninth end of their rinks semifinal against the Headington foursome of John Nicholls, Ian Henwood, Jason King and Craig Nicoll with a 9-9 scoreline then moved up a gear, scoring 16 unanswered shots over the next 5 ends. Although they could only muster up another 4 shots, the power play was enough to put them through with a 29-20 win.

The remaining contest saw Dan Wakeman from the Carterton club gradually move away in the second half of his Under 25 singles against Banbury Central’s Lee Wilkinson to record a 21-13 victory.

Ladies lose out in the Regional Finals

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies lost to Kent in the regional finals of the Walker Cup (county double rink) in the final hurdle before Leamington after beating Middlesex.

In the first game of the day, Oxon faced Middlesex. Caroline Campion’s rink of Sue Mayo, Stella Amos and Donna Knight got off to a slow start trailing 11 – 1 after 5 ends but after settling in they managed to pull the score back to lose by 6 shots. Gail Gilkes rink of Carole Galletly, Jeanette Berry and Katherine Hawes helped Oxon to a win by pulling away to a 12 – 3 lead early on and winning by 15 shots giving Oxon a 9 shot victory overall.

Oxon Skips First:
G Gilkes 24 – I barber 9
C Campion 16 – A Halliday 22

In the qualifying round for Leamington, Oxon played Kent who had already beaten Hampshire by a narrow margin in the morning. At 10 ends the game was very close with Oxon only trailing by 3 shots overall. Unfortunately Oxon only scored 1 shot over the next 5 ends with Kent picking up a massive 24 shots. With not much hope of pulling it back, Oxon conceded at 18 ends losing by 24 shots overall.

Oxon Skips First:
G Gilkes 7 – A Banes 31
C Campion 18 – W King 18

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Jacky Gray and Mo Cox through in 2 Wood Singles

Jacky Gray (Oxford City & County) and Mo Cox (Banbury Central) qualified for the 2 Wood Singles on Saturday at South Oxford for the National Championships held at Leamington in August.

Jacky defeated Katherine Hawes (City & County) in the semi final while Mo beat Donna Knight (Oxford City & County)

2 Wood draw to be updated shortly..

League Week 10

The Oxford & District Bowls League sponsored by Yarnton Nurseries report for week 10 can be found here: Week 10 – 12/07/12.

League tables can be viewed here: League Tables

Men’s County Matches Update

Oxfordshire travelled to Aldersbrook BC on Sunday 8th July to play Essex, with a younger than usual side, including 4 members of the county’s under 25 squad. In another very close game Oxfordshire won on three rinks and the match by 2 shots.

Colts badges were awarded to Will Soden and Sam Watts (both Watlington BC), Orren Bennet (Chadlington BC) and Kevin Washington (Carterton BC).

Oxfordshire 111 shots Essex 96.

Rink scores:
S Tolhurst A Fleming R Bull J Hardie won 25-16
S Watts K Washington C Gilkes S Gilkes won 22-10.
K Keen B Flitter B Bloomfield D Allin drew 16-16
ANO M Jones B Jarvie M Andrew won 17-16
W Soden O Bennet N Galletly I Whelpton lost 14-17
J Stephens B Allin S Jones J O’Shea lost 17-21

Oxfordshire hosted Cambridgeshire on Wednesday 11th July at Kidlington BC. Two of the Oxon rinks had convincing wins to enable the home side to record a comfortable win. Oxfordshire 137 Cambridgeshire 100.

A 50-game badge was awarded to Witney Town President Brian Bloomfield.

Rink scores:
B Willoughby J Stephens D Wedge M Andrew won 36-7.
R Green B Allin B Bloomfield M Brain lost 19-20.
R Jackson B Flitter L Lewis D Allin lost 16-23.
T Backer-Holst B Jarvie D Snell S Hall won 25-10.
S Tolhurst J Timms H Winstone A Ley won 23-22.
K Keen M Jones J Eatwell J O’Shea drew 18-18.