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July 10th, 2012:

Men’s County Semi Finals

The Men’s County Semi Finals will be played at Oxford Sports Bowls Club on Sunday 15th July 2012

Printable Schedule: 2012 Semi Finals Programme



N. Lewis & M. Charlett (Headington) v I. Henwood & C. Nicoll (Headington)
L. Young & A. Prew (Carterton) v J. Philpott & I. Snowdon (Headington)


K. Holloway, M. Redman & R. Redford (Banbury Borough) v S. Richens, R. Clanfield & B. Sparkes (Carterton)


S. Timms, T. Jupp, D. Clanfield & P. Sharman (Carterton) v A. Buttress, G. Moon, Gr. Moon & M. Sykes (Banbury Borough)


Under 25 Singles:

L. Wilkinson (Banbury Central) v Dan. Wakeman (Carterton)
G. May (Headington) v S. Watts (Watlington)



V. Webb, A. Kemish & A. Twinn (Thame) v C. Whitehead, N. Lewis & H. Watts (Headington)


R. Pink, J. Thompson, M. Workman & P. Hooley (Bicester) v J. Nicholls, I. Henwood, J. King & C. Nicoll (Headington)


A. Prew (Carterton) v K. Holloway (Banbury Borough)
G. May (Headington) v M. Sykes (Banbury Borough)

Two Wood Singles:

J. Philpott (Headington) v S. Richens (Carterton)


Two Wood Singles:

M. Sykes (Banbury Borough) v A. Prew (Carterton)

A two course lunch at a cost of £3.00 can be ordered by players and spectators.

Please contact Ian Whelpton, 01869 347730 or by Wednesday evening at the latest.

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