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Ladies singles, 2 wood and pairs finals

The rearranged 2nd day of the ladies county finals was able to go ahead on Saturday at Oxford City and County. A complete change of pace due to the weather going from rain and green heavy to glorious sunshine and quick swinging green.

Ladies singles winner 2018Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) took the much coveted ladies singles title after defeating Karen Galloway (Oxford City & County). The pace seem to catch Campion out to begin with as Galloway settled quicker on her home green. Galloway started strong going 8 – 2 up. Campion, who has been in fantastic form all summer, fought back to level the score at 10 – 10. After that Galloway couldn’t do much to halt Campion who forged ahead to take the title 21 – 13.

Ladies 2 wood singles winner 2018Carole Galletly (Banbury Central) won the 2 wood singles title after beating Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County). Galletly found the pace quickly racing to an 8 – 2 lead over Hawes.
The following ends saw an exchange of winning ends with the score standing at 11 – 7 to Galletly. Galletly looked certain to take the title after winning a string of ends to take her score to 15 – 8 ahead but Hawes never gives up and fought back winning all of the remaining 4 ends but didn’t manage to score the 2 she needed to take the game to a draw. Galletly was victorious with a score of 15 – 14.

Ladies pairs winners 2018The pairs final saw Galletly and Campion team up to face Hawes and pairs partner Donna Knight. The game was very close throughout with the scoring kept to one or two shots per end. Knight and Hawes managed to push themselves further out in front on the 11th end to bring the score to 10 – 6. Knight and Hawes keptthe lead to around 4 shots ahead until the 17th end where Galletly and Campion picked up a 2 to reduce the City & County pair’s lead to just 2 shots. The teams traded ends until the 20th where Knight and Hawes picked up a 2 to push 4 shots ahead again. On the final end, Campion killed the end not being able to make up the shots they needed but the replayed end saw them just pick up 1 shot for the score to finish 16 – 13 to Hawes and Knight.

OBA Domestic Finals Day Report

This year’s domestic finals were hosted at Chipping Norton Bowls Club with the Allison, Longford and Officers cups all up for grabs.

The first Allison semi-final was between Chippy’s Nigel Siford against South Oxford’s Vic Depaauw. Vic got off to a great start, going 11-1 up after just 7 ends. Nigel then fought back well to take the score to 12-9 after 13. Nip and tuck scoring followed until the 21st end when the score board was level, 18 shots each. The next 3 ends went in Vic’s favour and the final score 21-19.

The other Allison semi-final was played between Witney Town’s Phil Warner and Carterton’s Joe Justin. A very nip and tuck start see the score level at 12 shots apiece after 11. Justin then went 17-12 in front before Warner came back level once more after 16. 1 shot pickups were all that were scored for the remainder of the game, although 4 went to Justin over Warner’s 2 so Joe Justin progressed to the Allison Final.

With one Longford cup game played early, which see Banbury Central’s Nigel Galletly beat Witney Town’s Brian Bloomfield 21-13, the other semi-final was played to see who would face him. Adderbury’s Phil Gladden faced Witney Town’s Brian Smith. Gladden got off to a commanding start, going 11-2 up after 9 ends. After 12 it was 16-3 to Gladden and bowling some cracking bowls. Smith then had three ends reply to which he scored 4 shots to see the score at 16-7 after 15. However, the comeback for Smith was short lived as Gladden picked up the 5 shots that he required over the next three ends to book his place in the Longford final.

Officers Cup winner 2018The Officers cup semi-finals were also played early which see West Witney’s David Leighfield beat Witney Town’s Brian Bloomfield and Banbury Central’s Nigel Galletly beat West Witney’s Paul Skidmore. Galletly started well, being 8-1 up after 7 ends. Leighfield then scored 8 shots to Galletly’s 2 which see the board level at 10-10 after 14 ends. Leighfield then went on to score 8 shots without reply, before Galletly scored 2 singles to see the board at 18-12. Leighfield then picked up the 3 shots required to be crowned Officers Cup Champion, winning 21-12. Congratulations David Leighfield on winning your third County Competition of the season.

An excellent cooked lunch was then put on for competitors, officers and spectators before the Longford and Allison Finals commenced in the splendid summer sunshine.

Allison cup winner 2018The Allison final was between Carterton’s Joe Justin and South Oxford’s Vic Depaauw. Two 4 shot pickups in the first 4 ends for Justin see him take an early 9-3 lead before Depaauw scored well to take the score to 12-10 after 11 ends. Justin then got the mat back on the 13th and never lost it, picking up 9 shots in the following 4 ends, including another 4-shot pickup, to win the game 21-10. What a great game to watch and it was an exhibition of what bowls is all about, with only a slender 60-year age gap between competitors! Congratulations to Joe Justin on winning your second county competition this year, not a bad performance for only your second year of outdoor bowls!

Longford cup winner 2018The Longford final was played between Adderbury’s Phil Gladden and Banbury Central’s Nigel Galletly. Galletly got off to a good start once more, scoring 11 shots to Gladden’s 2 in 11 ends. Gladden then fought back hard to bring the score level at 15 apiece, aided by back to back 3 shot pickups. Galletly then scored a single on the 16th before Gladden had 5 commanding ends, not losing the mat and picking up the 6 shots he required to be crowned Longford Cup Winner. Congratulations Phil on winning what a great tense battle. Commiserations must be given to Nigel, who got to two domestic finals and played so well but just missed out on silverware this year.

A huge thank you to Chippy’s Bill Jarvie, Martin Acock, Percy Hickman and Tony Backer-Holst, Burford’s John Hurren and Carterton’s Tim Jupp for giving up your time to mark the games, especially in the heat!

Also, a big thank you to Bill and Roberta Jarvie for organising such a smooth-running day, providing excellent catering and bar services all day and thanks to all your helpers.”

OBA domestic semi finals and finals program

OBA domestic semi finals and finals program, all games to be played at Chipping Norton in club shirt and whites.

Wednesday 1st August 14:30 – Longford Cup semi final:
Nigel Galletly (Banbury Central) VS Brian Bloomfield (Witney Town)

Friday 3rd August 18:15 – Officers cup semi finals:

Brian Bloomfield (Witney Town) VS David Leighfield (West Witney)
Nigel Galletly (Banbury Central) VS Paul Skidmore (West Witney)

Sunday 5th August 10:00 – Allison cup semi finals:
Nigel Siford (Chipping Norton) VS Vic Depaauw (South Oxford)
Phil Warner (Witney Town) VS Joe Justin (Carterton)

Sunday 5th August 10:00 – Longford cup semi final:
Phil Gladden (Adderbury) VS Brian Smith (Witney Town)

Sunday 5th August TBC – Officers Cup Final

Sunday 5th August 13:45 – Allison Cup Final

Sunday 5th August 13:45 – Longford Cup Final

Food will be available all day on Sunday for spectators and competitors, to be ordered upon arrival.

Ladies county finals – day 1

The ladies county finals were played on Saturday 28th July at City & County, in a sudden turn of the weather with conditions having gone from hot sun in previous weeks to wind and showers.

Ladies fours winners 2018The day kicked off with the ladies fours and under 25 singles. The ladies fours final was between Oxford City and County’s Sue Mayo, Jacky Gray, Carol Penson and Jeanette Berry and Banbury Central’s Carole Galletly, Pam Shepherd, Helen Young and Caroline Campion. The City and county quartet got off to a strong start picking up 5 on the first end and saw them race to a 15 – 4 lead. The weather hampered this tussle somewhat with the fours coming off for a break due to a mini monsoon! Central started their come back picking up a 4 on the 9th end to bring the score to 16 – 8 to City & County. Central battled on and pulled the score within touching distance 18 – 17 but City & County hung in there picking up a 2 and a 4 on the 18th and 20th end leaving Central 6 shots a drift. Central managed to pick up a further 2 shots but it wasn’t enough to prevent City & County becoming county fours champions.

Ladies U25 winner 2018The U25 singles final was between Emma Gilkes of Watlington and Zoe Pratley of Oxford City & County. The girls battled through the weather to finish the game. Gilkes opened the scoring with two singles and a three before Pratley answered by picking up nine shots over the next four ends. The girls traded ends and saw Pratley go 12 – 9 up. Gilkes then surged forward winning the title 21 – 13.

Ladies Triples winners 2018The triples final saw Galletly, Young and Campion play their second game of the day against club mates Mary Tee, Sue Waring and Mo Cox. The game was a one sided affair with Campion’s triple starting strong this time and continuing to apply the pressure. At 7 ends they were 12 – 1 up. Cox’s triple managed to score to increase their score to 4 but Campion’s trio picked up a 5 to increase the gap in score. Cox’s triple managed to to score 8 shots in the end but were no match for Campion’s team who finished with 21 shots.

Unbadged pairs winners 2018The unbadged pairs final saw Jenny Lynch and Ros Burden from South Oxford play Pratley and Josie Gilbert from Oxford City and County. The game started out fairly close with Pratley and Gilbert edging ahead at 7 ends 6 – 3. The South Oxford pair then started to get into their stride picking up two 5’s and a 2 to push right ahead to 15 – 6. A four on the 14th end saw the City & County pair giving themselves a chance at the title taking the score to 12 – 17, with South Oxford scoring 1 more shot and City & County picking up another 2. The South Oxford pair managed to get over the line by scoring 2 more shots with the score finishing 20 – 14.

Day 2 of the county finals was due to feature the singles, 2 wood singles and pairs but unfortunately the green was flooded and deemed unplayable by both the greenkeeper and the players. The finals have now been rearranged for Saturday 4th August starting at 9am for both singles followed by the pairs.

Oxon ladies at Leamington

The schedule for the Oxfordsire ladies at Leamington is listed below.

Please note: Times and Greens as at time of print. Subject to changes on the day.

Bowls England have switched Singles, 2Wood Singles and Pairs, Oxon A to B to avoid clashes in competitions.

Week 1

Under 25 singles
Oxon A Emma Gilkes Sunday 5th August 9.30am on Green B.
Oxon B Zoe Pratley Sunday 5th August 11.30am on Green C.

Senior pairs
Jan Gore/Caroline Bloomfield Sunday 5th August 2pm on Green D.

Oxon A J Berry Mon 6th Aug 2pm on Green B.
Oxon B C Campion Tues 7th Aug 9.30am on Green B.

Champion of champions
Katherine Hawes Wed 8th Aug 10.30am on Green C.

Oxon A K Galloway Thurs 9th Aug 2pm on Green B.
Oxon B C Campion Fri 10th Aug 9.30am on Green A.

Senior singles
Carol Gaskins Sat 11th Aug 9.30am on Green B.

Week 2

Oxon A S Waring Mon 13th Aug 9.30am on Green E.
Oxon B C Campion Sun 12th Aug 2pm on Green C.

2 Wood singles
Oxon A K Hawes Tues 14th Aug 2pm on Green D.
Oxon B C Galletly Tues 14th Aug 3.30pm on Green E.

Oxon A C Campion Thurs 16th Aug 9.30am on Green D.
Oxon B K Hawes Wed 15th Aug 2pm on Green B.

Under 25 pairs
Claire Soden/Jazzmin Alder Sat 18th Aug 1pm on Green E.

Week 3

Senior fours
Margaret Morris/Janet Fountain/Erica Brown/Angela Ives Wed 22nd Aug 9.30am on Green D.

Amy Rose (Under 31s double rink)
Leicestershire v Oxfordshire Sat 1st Sept 11.30am on Green D.

OBA Finals Day

This year’s OBA finals day was hosted at county president Eddie Dorling’s club, West Witney, in yet another beautiful summer day!

Stuart RichensThe first game of the day was the county singles between West Witney’s David Leighfield and Carterton’s Stuart Richens. Leighfield got off to a great start scoring 11 shots to Richens’ 2 in the first 8 ends. Richens then began to find his way and fought back well over the next 7 ends to tie the game at 13 shots apiece. Leighfield then scored a double on the 17th end to make him only require 6 shots to claim the title, although Richens had other ideas as his won the next four ends picking up the 8 shots he needed to see over the line 21-15 victor and to reclaim the title, something he last held in 2000! Congratulations Stuart, what a fantastic game of singles to win the title.

Colin WhiteheadThe next game played was the 2 wood singles between Shiplake’s Jim Bland and Headington’s Colin Whitehead. The game got off to a good start with Bland taking the lead 9-4 at the halfway stage. 6 shots to Whitehead against 2 from Bland saw the score line tighten right up at 11-9 after 17 ends. Whitehead then had 3 fantastic ends to pick up 4 shots to take him into the lead for the first time, at 20 ends with the score at 13-11. The last end was played and Bland required a double to take it to an extra end but unfortunately for him he could only manage a single. Colin Whitehead became the 5th person to get his name on the trophy since the competition’s inception, in 2012. Well done Colin another high-quality game.

Sam WattsThe last game of the morning session was the junior singles which saw an all Watlington battle between Dan Swanson and Sam Watts. The first 6 ends saw a close start for both, with the score at 6-5 in Swanson’s favour before Watts kicked into gear, winning the next 6 ends without reply, scoring 10 shots. After 16 ends it was 18-8 in Watts’ favour before Swanson picked up 5 shots over the next 4 ends to try and stay in the game. Watts then, on the 21st end picked up the single shot he required to be crowned the winner of the junior singles for the fourth time, more than any other bowler in the county ever! Congratulations Sam, a record that will stand for a long time I’m sure!

A BBQ lunch was then put on for spectators, officers and competitors before the afternoon session began.

Men's triples winners 2018The first game of the afternoon was the triples final which was an all Headington affair between Jon Philpott, Nathan Lewis and Howard Watts against Ian Henwood, Jason King and Mark Charlett. Charlett’s men got off to a great start scoring 15 shots to 2 after 8 ends. Watts’ trio then fought back well, scoring 7 shots over the following 3 ends to bring the score to 16-9. Charlett’s three then scored 5 shots over the following 5 ends to Watts’ 1 which see Henwood King and Charlett win the game 21-11. Well done to them, although all three have previously won the title, it is the first time they have won the triples together.

Men's fours winners 2018The other game of the afternoon session was the fours between Banbury Central’s Alan Carter, Les Campion, Keith McNeil and Will Campion against West Witney’s Bradley Squires, Harvey Alder, David Leighfield. A shaky start from the Witney boys see them nearly drop a hotshot on the first end! Although a measure deemed it was only 5 shots. After 8 ends the scoreboard was level at 8 apiece before Witney then picked up 5 shots over the next 2 ends. At 15 ends the board showed 16-11 in Alder’s favour before his team pick up a 3 on the 16th to strengthen their lead 19-11. Playing the 20th end, the score was 20-14 and the shots went in favour once more of Alder’s men to pick up 3 shots and make them winners 23-14. Well done chaps.

Men's pairs winners 2018The final game of the day was the pairs final between Headington’s Ian Henwood and Mark Charlett up against West Witney’s Andy McIntyre and David Leighfield. The game started close with the score at 5-4 to the West Witney Pair. The Headington pair conceded the match which saw Andy McIntyre and David Leighfield pairs champions and West Witney to retain the pairs trophy for another year.

A big thank you to Mel and Andy Cable, Sue Wilson, Maggie Miller and Sheila Oldham for providing excellent catering all day. Also thanks to Barry Hall and Jerry Appleton for helping generally throughout the day and a massive thank you to Helen and Paul Skidmore for keeping everyone watered behind the bar.

Thanks also to the three markers who gave up their time for the finals, these were Ian Whelpton, Mike Jones and Mick Morris. Thank you once again to Ed Poole for umpiring.

Eddie Dorling was most pleased with the day and to have the privilege of presenting the winners of the day.

My closing note from this year’s finals would be to all the players representing the county at Leamington next month, good luck and go do the business!!

Ladies county finals

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies county finals will be held on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of July at Oxford City & County.

Saturday 28th July
Report 9:30, Start 10am

Jeanette Berry (Oxford City and County BC) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)

Under 25 singles
Emma Gilkes (Watlington BC) v Zoe Pratley (Oxford City & County)

Report 1:30, Start 2pm

Mo Cox (Banbury Central BC) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)

Unbadged pairs
Jenny Lynch/Ros Burden (South Oxford BC) v Zoe Pratley/Josie Gilbert (Oxford City and County BC)

Sunday 29th July
Report 9:30am, Start 10am

2 wood singles
Carole Galletly (Banbury Central BC) v Katherine Hawes (Oxford City and County BC)

4 wood singles
Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC) v Karen Galloway (Oxford City & County)

Report 1:30pm, Start 2pm

Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)

Ladies pairs qtr and semi finals

Donna Knight and Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) and Carole Galletly and Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) are through to the national pairs championships held at Leamington Spa in August.

Hawes and Knight won comfortably in the quarter final, the semi final was a closer game against a pair from Shiplake with Hawes and Knight going 2 – 12 down but pulling it back to 6 – 12 before picking up a 7 to edge ahead. Campion and Galletly won both games convincingly which completed a bumper year for Campion and Galletly who qualified in 4 events but Campion couldn’t attempt make it all 5 because she didn’t enter the 2 wood singles! A special mention should go to the U25 pair of Katie Glenn and Emma Gilkes who battled back in their quarter final from 1 – 15 down against Witney Town to take the game to an extra end and take them into the semi final. It is good to see the U25’s breaking through to the final stages of the county competitions.

Quarter finals:
K Hawes 27 (Oxford City & County), S waring (Banbury Central) 6, D Jacob (Shiplake) 23, R Lloyd (Bicester) 18, P Shepherd (Banbury Central) 9, C Campion 17, E Gilkes 26 (Watlington), C Bloomfield (Witney Town) 25.

Semi finals:
K Hawes 25, D jacob 17.
C Campion 27, E Gilkes 3.

Ladies U25 singles and pairs

The U25s Emma Gilkes and Jazzmin Alder played their re-arranged semi final at Oxford City and County BC on Friday 20th July.

Emma raced into the lead only for Jazzmin to settle down and pull back to level the scores at seven ends. Then it was a closely fought game with both girls trying to get a grip of the pace on the green until Emma pulled away leaving Jazzmin on 11 shots for five ends and only able to score one more shot with the result Emma 21, Jazzmin 12.

With the final being played at Oxford City and County the following weekend Emma will face Zoe Pratley who both represent Oxfordshire at Leamington on Sunday 5th August at 9.30am and 11.30am respectively.

The U25’s pairs final was played at Oxford City and County on Sunday morning 22nd July, Claire Soden (Watlington) and Jazzmin Alder (West Witney) are through to the nationals at Leamington in the U25 Pairs after playing a very convincing game against Zoe Pratley (Oxford City and County) and Emma Dickson (Watlington). Final score over 18 ends 29– 13.

Their match will be at 1pm on Saturday 18th August on E green (unless rescheduled).

OBA Singles Semi-Finals Report

The last semi-final was last night played at Banbury Chestnuts Bowling Club between Headington’s Ian Henwood and West Witney’s David Leighfield. A very close match ensued with the score at 5 apiece after 7 ends. The next 6 ends went much better for Leighfield, picking up 11 shots to Henwood’s single, leaving the scoreboard at 16-6 after 13 ends. Henwood then had 2 good ends back to back, picking up 4 shots before Leighfield then picked up his second 4 of the evening, after Henwood played a running bowl that unfortunately took his bowl out of the head. Leighfield then went on to pick up the 1 shot he needed to book his third place in a county final and another place at Leamington.

Huge credit must be given to both Ian Henwood and David Leighfield for the huge achievements that they both have battled for and thoroughly deserved this season. Well done to both of you.

A big thank you to Banbury Central’s Will Campion, who provided excellent marking services throughout the game.

Once more, thank you to all the spectators who came to Chestnuts to support the two players.

Finally, a huge thank you to Banbury Chestnuts for providing yet another excellent evening.

The OBA finals will be played at West Witney Bowls Club on Sunday 22nd July.