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Terry Batt Rawden wins ladies unbadged singles

Terry Batt Rawden (Watlington) won the ladies unbadged singles played on Sunday 16th July at Oxford City and County BC.

In a closely fought final Terry Batt Rawden came out the winner against Jazzmin Alder winning 19 shots to 15.

Semi finals:
Liz Kemish (Watlington) 11, Terry Batt Rawden (Watlington) 12
Jazzmin Alder (West Witney) 16, Katie Bland (Shiplake) 3

Oxon ladies lose to Surrey by 6 in Walker cup regional finals

Bowls Oxfordshire lost to Surrey by 6 shots in the Walker cup regional finals held at Old Coulsdon today.

Jeanette Berry’s rink of Margaret Bullock, Sue Gokgor and Brenda Havard had a close fought game all the way through. They managed to extend their lead to 3 shots at 12 ends and again at 19 but Surrey didn’t let them get away at either point. They ended up dropping a 4 on the 20th end to go 2 shots a drift but followed up with a 2 of their own to draw the score on their rink level.

Donna Knight’s rink of Carole Galletly, Margaret Morris and Carol Nall struggled to score, dropping a string of single shots to see them 6 shots adrift at 16 ends. A 4 on the 17th end brought them back within 2 shots of Pat Bourne’s rink but Knight’s four didn’t score again until the final end leaving them to lose the rink and the game by 6 shots.

Oxfordshire 31, Surrey 37.

Margaret Bullock, Sue Gokgor, Brenda Havard, Jeanette Berry 19, Debbie Souter 19.
Carole Galletly, Margaret Morris, Carol Nall, Donna Knight 12, Pat Bourne 18.

Carterton through to Leamington in men’s senior fours

Senior Fours WinnersThe inaugural senior fours semi-finals and final were played in yet another splendid summer’s day at Burford Bowling Club on Sunday. This competition is a new competition brought in by Bowls England which is suitable for any four gentlemen, of the same club, who are aged 55 and over. There weren’t a great deal of entrants this year but I am personally hoping word will spread and we will have more and more entrants in the next couple of years growing it to be one of the most sought after competitions.

Having said that, there were four very strong sides fielded from Carterton, South Oxford, Headington and Banbury Central and two excellent semi-finals developed through the morning.
The first semi-final saw a Carterton rink of Tim Jupp, Gordon Walker, Steve Aldren and skipped by Paul Sharman up against a South Oxford rink of Chris Billingham, Vick DePaauw, Richard Green and skipped by Keith Mobley. After a seriously strong start from the Toon rink put them 18 shots to nil up after just 6 ends, the fightback would always be required from the south oxford rink, and they did just that. The next 7 ends went 10-2 in South’s favour to take the score to 20-10 at 13 ends. South continued their dominance in the game, although behind, they won the next 7 ends to take it to a nail-biting climax with the score at 20-18 playing the last. A great last end from the Toon lads saw them pickup 2 shots to win the game 22-20, but it has to be noted of the valiant effort given from the South Oxford rink.

The second semi-final saw a Headington line up of Mick Nash, Russell Edwards, Colin Whitehead and skipped by Ray Gaskins playing against a Banbury Central rink comprised of Alan Carter, Mike Andrew, Keith McNeil and skipped by Ian Whelpton. This was a lot tighter affair than the other semi-final which saw only 7 shots scored in the first 6 ends, going 6-1 Headington’s way. The Banbury rink fought well middle game to take the lead going 13-11 up at 15 ends before a double from Headington took it all square at 15 shots each. 3 good ends by Central saw them 17-13 up with only 2 ends left. A single shot on the penultimate saw Headington requiring 3 shots for an extra end or 4 shots for a win. Great front end bowling from the Headington boys in the last end allowed a good head to be built strongly in their favour and after the last bowl was delivered Headington picked up a game winning 4 shots to take their in place in the final 18-17 victors.
A spot of lunch was enjoyed by players, officials and spectators before the final commenced in the afternoon.

Played on rink 1, both the Carterton Rink and the Headington rink started well with Toon going 9 shots to 6 in front in the first half of the game. The next six ends saw six single shot pick-ups taking the score to 13-8 in Toon’s favour. A big 3 shot count on the 18th end saw the Toon boys up 16-8 with three ends to play. Of the required 8 shots Headington needed they could only gain 4 shots which gave Carterton the victory 16 shots to 12 and a place at Leamington to represent Oxfordshire in the national finals.
The winners, Tim Jupp, Gordon Walker, Steve Aldren and Paul Sharman, were presented the trophy by Ian Whelpton, which looked excellent after some work was put in over the winter months to convert the Bradshaw Cup to now be used as the Senior Fours Trophy.

A massive thank you to the members at Burford Bowls Club for the excellent welcome and facilities that were provided throughout the day and the lunch was excellent.

My closing note would be to encourage all competitors over the age of 55 to build a rink, together with your club mates and enter the competition for next year as this is definitely going to develop into an excellent competition, with the chance to qualify for the national finals at Leamington Spa.

Men’s Singles Quarter Finals

South Oxford Bowling Club was the last stop on the quarter final tour this week, hosting the singles in once again, glorious summer sunshine.

The First game saw this week’s quarter final regulars, in 7 quarter finals between them. Stuart Richens of Carterton played against Darren Sharpe of Banbury Borough. A great spectacle on the show rink with fantastic bowls from both individuals. After Sharpe took an early 7-2 lead, Richens fought well to get the game back all square at 8 each. Then 9 shots with only a single shot reply gave Richens a 17-9 lead. What followed was 5 extremely good ends of bowls by Sharpe to take the game back in his favour, this time at 18-17 before Richens scored 4 shots in three ends to claim the first place in the semi-finals 21-18 victor.

The Second game of the evening was between Headington’s Ray Gaskins against West Witney’s Paul Skidmore. The score boards ramped up quickly early on, with 13 shots being scored in the first 6 ends, 9-4 in Gaskins’ favour. A good fight back from Skidmore to the level the game at 9-9 before Gaskins picked up 7 shots in three ends without reply to go 16-9 in front. Three good ends followed from Skidmore which took the score to 15-14 before Gaskins finished the game off picking up the 6 shots he needed in three ends. Second Semi-finalist place went to Gaskins, 21-14 overall result.
The third game saw Watlington’s Adie Twinn up against another Headington player, this time Nick Rae-Welsh the opponent. After a good start from both players little separated them as the score showed at 8 shots to 5 in Rae-Welsh’s direction. A 4 shot pickup on the following end saw Rae-Welsh go 12-5 in front. Close heads were built again by both players and saw the score reach 18-8 before a glimmer of hope came to Twinn when he bowled a cracking end to pick up 4 shots to take the score to 18-12. Rae-Welsh then pushed on to get himself over the line 21-12 victor after what was another excellent tussle.

The final game saw an all Banbury Borough affair, between Keith Holloway and Mark Sykes. Over on rink 6 the two of them bowled it both extremely well early on, with Sykes going 10 shots to 4 in front before a great fight back from Holloway saw him go 12-11 in front. The ends scores went either way almost evenly right up to 18 shots apiece. Keith picked up two good single shots which took him 20-18 in front before Sykes bowled two solid ends of bowls to pick up a single shot in the penultimate end and a 2 shot pick up on the last to pip his club mate to the post, winning 21-20.
The Semi Finals will be played at Thame on Sunday 16th July with the Headington lads, Ray Gaskins up against Nick Rae-Welsh and on Tuesday 18th July Carterton’s Stuart Richens will take on Banbury Borough’s Mark Sykes.

A huge thank you to the four markers for the evening who were professional and did a great job. They were Ian Whelpton (Banbury Central), Steve Tolhurst (Carterton), Andy McIntyre (West Witney) and David Leighfield (West Witney).

A big thank you also to South Oxford for once again providing a fantastic green and fabulous facilities that were well used and appreciated.

Oxon fall at final Johns hurdle

Bowls Oxfordshire ladies lost to Berkshire in the final Johns trophy group game on Saturday at Banbury Chestnuts.

The game was close fought with Oxon only losing overall by 12 shots with a few results going the right way would have seen victory by Oxon. Oxon only had two winning rinks with Carol Gaskin’s rink of Maggie Alderson, Pauline Williams and Daphne Jacob defeating Morgan Merryweather by 2 shots and Donna Knight’s rink of Helen Kinglsey, Sue Gokgor and Carole Galletly beating Helen Simpson by 1 shot.

A surprise result saw bottom of the table Bucks beat Kent, a clean sweep from either Berkshire or Oxfordshire would have seen them top the table and go through the regional finals. Kent live to fight another day and retained their place at the top of South A’s table.

Oxon 108, Berks 120
4pt, 18pts

Margaret Bullock, Jacky Gray, Brenda Havard, Jeanette Berry 19, N Holder 22
Jackie Stafford, Pat Ostler, Carol Nall, Marion Darton 18, J Porter 22
Maggie Alderson, Pauline Williams, Daphne Jacob, Carol Gaskins 21, M Merryweather 19
Margaret Stacey, Elaine Robinson, Carolien Bloomfield, Wendy Cross 16, L Holliday 18
Helen Kingsley, Sue Gokgor, Carole Galletly, Donna Knight 16, H Simpson 15
Margaret Morris, Maureen Osbourne, Sylvia Blackmore, Carol Penson 18, B Wall 24

Men’s semi finals

The men’s semi finals will be held at Thame Bowls Club on the 16th – 18th July. The schedule is now available: Semi finals

Ladies qtr & semi of pairs and U25 pairs final

The ladies pairs quarter and semi finals and U25 pairs will be held at Oxford City and County on Satruday 22nd July at 10am (report 9:30 in whites and with club stickers). Refreshments will be available.

Helen Young (Banbury Central BC) v Caroline Bloomfield (Witney Town BC)
Sheila Oldham (West Witney BC) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)
Dawn Hewitt (Banbury Chestnuts BC) v Maureen Cox (Kidlington BC)
Carole Thornhill (Chipping Norton BC) v Carol Gaskins (Oxford City and County BC)

Under 25 pairs final

Claire Soden (Watlington BC) v Jazzmin Alder (West Witney BC)

Banbury Central qualify for ladies senior fours

Mo Cox, Mary Tee, Carole Galletly, Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) have qualified for the Bowls England national senior fours championships held at Leamington in August. Campion’s four had a 17 short win over Jackie Stafford, Sheila Cranstoun, Ruth Copp, Sylvia Blackmore from Shiplake.

Mo Cox, Mary Tee, Carole Galletly, Caroline Campion 29
Jackie Stafford, Sheila Cranstoun, Ruth Copp, Sylvia Blackmore 12

Men’s Fours Quarter Finals

The Men’s Fours Quarter Finals was played in yet another fantastic evening of sunshine at Headington Bowling Club on Wednesday night.

The First game saw an all Headington Affair between John Nicholls, Ian Henwood, Jason King and skipped by Mark Charlett against John Philpott, Nathan Lewis, Gary May and skipped by Howard Watts. It was a good tussle all the way through the evening, after Charlett’s men being 7 shots to nil down at 5 ends they fought back well to go 11-8 in front at 11 ends. 10 shots to Watts’ men without reply saw them push through to 18-11 at 15 ends. Scores went to both sides in the business ends but saw Watt’s rink through 22 shots to 19 overall.

The Second game saw another Headington rink, comprising of Bernie May, Mark Kirby, Shaun Claridge and skipped by Paul Mabbutt up against a Witney Town rink of Mike Jones, Roy Radband, Phil Warner and skipped by Brian Bloomfield. 3 of the Witney Town rink had to come back from their club tour down on the Isle of Wight to play the game, which saw fantastic bowls being played by both teams and both skips saving shots and converting heads well. The Headington rink were never behind throughout and ended up 24 shots to 16 victors.

The third game of the evening saw one of two Carterton rinks battling for a place in the semi-finals. Peter Latter, Dan Wakeman, David Clanfield and Remy Clanfield were up against a Watlington rink comprised of Sam Watts, Adie Twinn, Steve Gilkes and skipped by Chris Gilkes. For the first 13 ends in the game there was never more than 5 shots separating the two teams but a 6 shot pickup on the 14th end gave Gilkes’ men a 15-14 advantage. The next 5 ends saw single shot pickups for both sides leaving the score 19-15 in Carterton’s favour playing the penultimate end. Good head building for the Watlington boys saw them pick 3 shots to take them to a nail-biting last end being 19-18 down. Another fantastic head developed by both sides but Chris Gilkes played a fantastic pop and stop bowl to remove Toon’s shot bowl and be holding game, Unfortunately for the Toon men, Clanfield could not change the head with his last bowl so the Watlington rink progressed to the semi-finals 21-19 winners.

The final game saw yet another Headington rink, this time, Dennis Crook, Alan Manger, Norman Rae and skipped by Russell Edwards, were up against the second Toon rink of the night, Tim Jupp, Steve Aldren, Stuart Richens and skipped by Paul Sharman. Once again this was a seriously close game all the way through with the lead never reaching more than 4 shots difference in either sides favour. A huge result for the Toon lads was a 3 shot pick up on the penultimate end taking the score to 15 shots apiece playing the last. Carterton lying 2 shots with Edwards having one bowl left didn’t get as much bend back into the head as he was experiencing earlier on in the evening and didn’t change the result. Carterton through to the semi-finals with Richens now in THREE of them! He will be one to watch on Friday night to see if he can get through in the singles also.

The Semi Finals will be played at Thame on Sunday 16th July with Chris Gilkes’ side playing Howard Watts’ rink and Paul Mabbutt playing Paul Sharman.

A big thank you to Headington for providing such a fabulous evening and full credit to the greenkeepers for providing a fantastic green for all competitors to do battle on. Also a huge thank you for the facilities that were provided and may I say the burgers and hot dogs were excellent!

The final stop on the Quarter Final Tour of the week will be across town to South Oxford for the Singles on Friday 7th July.

Men’s triples quarter finals

The Men’s Triples Quarter Finals was played in another splendid evening of sunshine at Kidlington Bowling Club on Tuesday night.

The First game saw a close game throughout from one of Carterton’s three triples. 15 year old Joseph Justin, Bob Turley and skipped by Tim Jupp were never more than 4 shot behind all game but ended up losing by just one shot to a strong triple from Woodstock, Simon Hopkins (Sub for Paul Shipton), Keith Comley and skipped by Brian Clarke, the winners 14-13 over the line.

The Second game saw a very intense battle between another Carterton triple, this time another under 25 star, Orren Bennett, Tim Warner and skipped by Gordon Walker against one of Headington’s 2 triples playing on the night, John Philpott, Nathan Lewis and skipped by Howard Watts. After the Toon triple being 13-8 a down at 13 ends, a 4 shot pickup brought them back in contention, at 13-12, they then dropped a 4 making them 17-12 at 15 ends. Playing the last end Gordy’s men were 18-17 ahead and holding 1 when he popped his shot bowl out of the head to be one down. With Watts’ last bowl to draw second bowl he played his own slightly short bowl into the head perfectly, giving his men 2 shots and progression to the semi-finals.

The third game saw yet another Carterton triple, this time Stuart Richens, Robbie Clanfield and skipped by Baden Sparkes. They faced a Banbury Borough triple of Keith Holloway, Darren Sharpe and A J Docherty. Quality leading from Richens and Holloway built good heads for both sides which gave an even match throughout. It was 9 shots apiece at 13 ends but a pick big 5 shot count on the 14th end for the Toon lads gave them the edge to run out as winners with 17 shots to 10.

The final game saw another Headington triple, Colin Whitehead, Ray Gaskins and Nick Rae-Welsh against Shiplake’s triple of Jim Bland, Barry Lambourne and skipped by Ryan Buckett. Good conversion shots were played by both teams but overall the Headington lads came across the line 16 shots to 7 victors.

The Semi Finals will be played at Thame on Sunday 16th July with Baden Sparkes’ triple playing Howard Watts and Nick Rae-Welsh’s triple playing Paul Shipton’s triple from Woodstock.

A Huge thank you to Kidlington for providing such a fantastic green and facilities, at short notice, for all competitors and spectators to enjoy another night’s bowling antics.