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Ladies beat the men in annual friendly

With the men having the turn to choose the venue for the annual match between the ladies and men of Oxfordshire, this year’s choice was the club of the men’s President, Chipping Norton. A break in the hot weather of recent days meant that players were scampering on and off the green for most of the afternoon. The decision to limit the match to 18 ends was welcomed by all, with the exception of rink 1 who came off reluctantly only to realise they had only played 16 ends. After two more ends the two sides were still level at 18 all.

With the Presidents’ rink also drawing, the result of the match depended on the other 4 rinks. Wins for the rinks of Brian Bloomfield and Mick Morris were balanced by wins for Pat Ostler and Jeanette Berry, both of which finished strongly winning the last 7 and 6 ends respectively.

Oxfordshire BA 98, BO Ladies 100.

Ron Slater Brian Ealey Phil Warner Ian Whelpton v Margaret Morris Jazzmin Alder Sylvia Blackmore Wendy Cross drew 18-18.
Steve Tolhurst John Timms Alan Wase Brian Bloomfield v Sue Gokgor Gill Muir Daphne Jacob Carol Penson OBA won 16-8.
Allen Smith Bill Jarvie Glynn Middleton Paul Demczak v Maggie Alderson Pam Willoughby Shirley Crick Brenda Havard drew 16-16.
Barry Willoughby Eddie Dorling john McGeough Allan Hall v Janet Fountain Karen Alder Carole Thornhill Pat Ostler BOL won 18-13.
Mel Cameron Roy Radband Alex Fleming Mick Morris v Margaret Stacey Karen Galloway Maureen Osborne Marion Darton OBA won 23-16.
Mick Saunders John Stephens Martin Oliver Melvin Brain v Jan Gore Jacky Gray Pam Shepherd Jeanette Berry BOL won 24-12.

Oxon fall at final Johns hurdle

Bowls Oxfordshire ladies lost to Berkshire in the final Johns trophy group game on Saturday at Banbury Chestnuts.

The game was close fought with Oxon only losing overall by 12 shots with a few results going the right way would have seen victory by Oxon. Oxon only had two winning rinks with Carol Gaskin’s rink of Maggie Alderson, Pauline Williams and Daphne Jacob defeating Morgan Merryweather by 2 shots and Donna Knight’s rink of Helen Kinglsey, Sue Gokgor and Carole Galletly beating Helen Simpson by 1 shot.

A surprise result saw bottom of the table Bucks beat Kent, a clean sweep from either Berkshire or Oxfordshire would have seen them top the table and go through the regional finals. Kent live to fight another day and retained their place at the top of South A’s table.

Oxon 108, Berks 120
4pt, 18pts

Margaret Bullock, Jacky Gray, Brenda Havard, Jeanette Berry 19, N Holder 22
Jackie Stafford, Pat Ostler, Carol Nall, Marion Darton 18, J Porter 22
Maggie Alderson, Pauline Williams, Daphne Jacob, Carol Gaskins 21, M Merryweather 19
Margaret Stacey, Elaine Robinson, Carolien Bloomfield, Wendy Cross 16, L Holliday 18
Helen Kingsley, Sue Gokgor, Carole Galletly, Donna Knight 16, H Simpson 15
Margaret Morris, Maureen Osbourne, Sylvia Blackmore, Carol Penson 18, B Wall 24

Ladies qtr & semi of pairs and U25 pairs final

The ladies pairs quarter and semi finals and U25 pairs will be held at Oxford City and County on Satruday 22nd July at 10am (report 9:30 in whites and with club stickers). Refreshments will be available.

Helen Young (Banbury Central BC) v Caroline Bloomfield (Witney Town BC)
Sheila Oldham (West Witney BC) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)
Dawn Hewitt (Banbury Chestnuts BC) v Maureen Cox (Kidlington BC)
Carole Thornhill (Chipping Norton BC) v Carol Gaskins (Oxford City and County BC)

Under 25 pairs final

Claire Soden (Watlington BC) v Jazzmin Alder (West Witney BC)

Banbury Central qualify for ladies senior fours

Mo Cox, Mary Tee, Carole Galletly, Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) have qualified for the Bowls England national senior fours championships held at Leamington in August. Campion’s four had a 17 short win over Jackie Stafford, Sheila Cranstoun, Ruth Copp, Sylvia Blackmore from Shiplake.

Mo Cox, Mary Tee, Carole Galletly, Caroline Campion 29
Jackie Stafford, Sheila Cranstoun, Ruth Copp, Sylvia Blackmore 12

Oxon ladies to play Surrey in Walker Cup regional finals

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies will travel to Old Coulsdon on Sunday 16th July to play Surrey in the regional finals of the Walker Cup. Team has been selected: Walker Cup v Surrey

Oxon ladies beat Bucks in friendly

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies beat Buckinghamshire in a county friendly played at Witney Town BC on Monday 3rd July.

BOL 163, Buckinghamshire 85

Margaret Bullock, Maureen Osborne, Daphne Jacob, Carol Gaskins 36, B Brown 8
Elaine Robinson, Phil Houlihan, Gill Muir, Wendy Cross 26, C Clark 14
Carole Walker, Sandra Wase, Shirley Crick, Pat Ostler 23, P Natt 15
Jackie Stafford, Roberta Jarvie, Pam Faulkner 39, F Green 8
Janet Fountain, Sue Gokgor, Caroline Bloomfield, Marion Darton 24, C Lee 15
Jan Gore, Jenny Banton, Pam Shepherd, Brenda Havard 15, T Keen 25

Knight & Hawes qualify for national singles

Donna Knight and Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) have qualified for the Bowls England national singles held at Leamington Spa in August.

Knight beat Wendy Sandy (Carterton) by 15 shots and then beat Margaret Morris (Banbury Borough) by 12 in the semi final to qualify. Hawes defeated Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) by 6 shots in the quarter final. Hawes went on to beat club mate Carol Penson by 7 shots in the semi final.

Quarter Finals:

P Williams (Hanborough) 7, M Morris (Banbury Borough) 21; D Knight 21, W Sandy (Carterton) 6; C Penson (Oxford C&C) 21, K Alder (West Witney) 13; C Campion (Banbury Central) 15, K Hawes 21.
Semi Finals:
M Morris 9, D Knight 21; C Penson 14, K Hawes 21.

Glenn and Alder qualify in U25’s singles

Katie Glenn (Watlington) and Jazzmin Alder (West Witney) have qualified for the Bowls England national finals held at Leamington Spa in August.

The semi finals of the U25 singles was held today at Banbury Borough. Glenn beat Katie Bland (Shiplake) 21 – 15 and Alder beat Emma Gilkes (Watlington) 21 – 8.

West Witney and Oxford C&C teams qualify in triples

Brigitta King, Sheila Oldham and Sheila Lovett from West Witney and Donna Knight, Gail Gilkes and Katherine Hawes from Oxford City & County have qualified for the Bowls England national triples finals held at Leamington Spa in August.

Lovett’s triple had a convincing win over Pauline Williams in the quarter final but had a closer game in the semi final where they managed to sneak a 2 shot win over Maggie Alderson. Hawes’ triple had the reverse just sneaking past Caroline Bloomfield in the quarter final but had a strong win over Ann Norton in the semi final.

Quarter Finals:
S Lovett (West Witney) 25, P Williams (Hanborough) 10; M Alderson (South Oxford) 15, P Ostler (Banbury Borough) 14; C Bloomfield (Witney Town) 15, K Hawes (Oxford City & County) 17; A Norton (Banbury Central) 18, W Cross (Shiplake) 13.

Semi Finals:
S Lovett 22, M Alderson 20; K Hawes 21, A Norton 6.

Johns Trophy v Berkshire

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies face Berkshire in their final Johns Trophy game on Saturday 8th July 1:30pm at Banbury Chestnuts. The team has been selected: Johns Trophy v Berkshire