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Oxon men lose to Surrey in Middleton Cup

The third Middleton Cup match against Surrey at Croydon on Saturday 24th June needed a major upheaval in results if Oxfordshire were to progress further in this year’s Middleton Cup competition. With 2 rinks setting off in great form it was left to the other 4 rinks to improve on their card.. After 10 ends the deficit was only 1 shot and 5 ends latter the difference was still only 5. Surrey then applied the greater pressure and at the end Oxfordshire had lost by 25 shots.

On rink 1 all four Oxfordshire players were in great form and won 13 of the first 15 ends to establish a 13 shot lead. Despite losing a 5 on end 16 they finished comfortably ahead by 10 shots.

A very similar situation developed on rink 3 and they also won by 10 shots. Between the two rinks things were not going our way with the Surrey skip turning many ends to his advantage and a win by 12 shots.

On rink 4 wins on 9 ends by narrow margins were not sufficient to hold the Surrey quartet and they lost by 17.
The Banbury Borough quartet stayed close and were only trailing by 2 shots at 18 ends. Losing the last 3 ends saw them trailing by 8 shots at the close.

After 10 ends things went against us and the final deficit was also 8 shots.

Oxfordshire 100 4 points, Surrey 126 18 points.

S Witcombe A McIntyre J King M Charlett won 20-10
J Bland M Brain C Weller R Buckett lost 11-23
M Nash I Whelpton S Cooper R Gaskins won 23-13
S Watts P Comley K Alder P Sharman lost 15-32
J Abercrombie K Holloway G Schwab M Sykes lost 15-23
A Carter S Aldren C Gilkes B Sparkes lost 16-24

Oxon ladies lose to Kent in the Johns Trophy

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies lost by 38 shots to a strong Kent team in the Johns Trophy game played on Saturday 24th June at Bromley bowls club. There were only two winning rinks with Helen Kingsley, Hazel Oliver, Sue Gokgor and Donna Knight winning by 4 and Jackie Stafford, Pat Ostler, Carol Nall and Marion Darton managed to pick up a 4 on the last end to win by 3. Carole Penson’s rink came close but just lost out by 3 in the end.

Oxon 95, Kent 133
4pts – 18 pts

Anne Hale, Dawn Lynch, Daphne Jacob, Carol Gaskins 12, J Parker 26
Margaret Morris, Maureen Osbourne, Pauline Williams, Carole Penson 14, P Goodger 17
Jackie Stafford, Pat Ostler, Carol Nall, Marion Darton 21, A Harrison 19
Jan Gore, Gill Muir, Caroline Bloomfield, Wendy Cross 15, W King 24
Helen Kingsley, Hazel Oliver, Sue Gokgor, Donna Knight 22, J Coyle 18
Margaret Bullock, Shirley Crick, Brenda Havard Jeanette Berry 11, I Simpson 29

Middleton Cup v Surrey

Oxfordshire men will face Surrey on Saturday at Croydon Bowling Club 2pm. The team has now been selected: Middleton cup v Surrey

Middleton Cup: Oxon lose to Sussex

The second Middleton Cup match against Sussex at Oxford City and County on Saturday 10th June proved to be a game of two halves. The southern half of the green went Oxfordshire’s way with all three rinks scoring 23 shots to record wins. The northern half went Sussex’s way for them to win all three rinks.

Rink 1 was again the Banbury Borough rink skipped by Mark Sykes and a steady start was maintained throughout and they won by 5 shots. Rink 2 saw Baden Sparkes rink trailing by 4 after 10 ends but winning 9 of the final end saw them win by 10. Rink 3 was a similar story to rink 1 and Ray Gaskins brought his rink home by 8. Rink 4 was home to last week’s winning rink of Ryan Buckett with this week’s battle much closer throughout. Trailing by 8 shots after 19 ends hopes were raised with a four on end 20 but shots were limited to one on the 21 for them to lose by 3.

Mark Charlett won 10 of their ends but by significantly smaller margins than their opponents and lost by 14. A six on end 7 brought Paul Sharan level at 8 all but wins ony 2 of the remaining ends saw the heaviest defeat of the afternoon by 22 shots.

Playing his 100th game for Oxfordshire Jason King was awarded with a gold badge and David Leighfield was presented with a Middleton Cup flash.

Oxfordshire 109 6 points, Sussex 125 16 points.

J Abercrombie G Schwab A J Docherty M Sykes won 23-18
K Holloway K Alder C Gilkes B Sparkes won 23-13
M Nash D Leighfield S Cooper R Gaskins won 23-15
J Bland M Brain N Rae-Walsh R Buckett lost 16-19
S Witcombe A McIntyre J King M Charlett lost 12-26
S Watts P Mabbutt G May P Sharman lost 12-34.

Walker Cup v Sussex selection

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies will face Sussex in the Walker Cup on Sunday 25th June at Great Hollands Bowls Club. The team has been selected: Walker Cup v Sussex

Hawes and Knight qualify in the ladies 2 wood singles

Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) and Donna Knight (Oxford City & County) have qualified for the national 2 wood singles championships held at Leamington Spa in August.

Quarter finals:

J Berry (Oxford City & County) 10, K Hawes (Oxford City & County) 17; C Penson (Oxford City & County) 17, J Gilbert (Oxford City & County) 6; C Galletly (Banbury Central) 16, S Blackmore (Shiplake) 8; D Knight (Oxford City & County) 18, M Cox (Banbury Central) 6.

Semi Finals:

K Hawes 17, C Penson 5; C Galletly 9, D Knight 14.

Banbury Central and West Witney qualify for ladies fours

Carole Galletly, Pam Shephard, Helen Young, Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) and Maggie Miller, Sue Wilson, Jazz Alder and Karen Alder (West Witney) have qualified for the Bowls England national fours held at Leamington in August.

In the quarter final, Campions four faced Maureen Osbourne’s team from Banbury Borough. The game took a dramatic twist when it the game went to an extra end and the last bowl which Campion managed to draw to take her team through to the semi final. In the semi final, Campion beat Oxford City and County’s four of Carol Gaskins, Donna Knight, Gail Gilkes and Katherine Hawes by 14 shots.

In the other half Alder’s four faced club mates skipped by Barbie Thorne in which they won by a considerable margin. In the semi final, Alder’s team beat Anne Hale, Lisa Williams, Hazel Oliver and Pauline Williams from Hanborough by just 3 shots.

Quarter final

M Osbourne (Banbury Borough) 16, C Campion (Banbury Central) 17; K Hawes (Oxford City & County) 20, J Berry (Oxford City & County) 14; B Thorne (West Witney) 14, K Alder (West Witney) 30; P Williams (Hanborough) 31, Sandra Wase (Banbury Borough) 5.

Semi Final
C Campion 26, K Hawes 12; K Alder 21, P Williams 18.

Ladies selection for Johns and county games

The Johns trophy game against Kent on Saturday 24th June has now been selected: Oxon V Kent

The county games against Bed and Bucks has now been selected: Beds, Bucks

Middleton Cup v Sussex

Oxofordshire men will face Sussex in the Middleton Cup on Saturday 10th June 2pm at Oxford City & County BC. The team has been selected: Middleton Cup v Sussex

Johns Trophy: Oxon beat Bucks

Oxfordshire ladies faced Buckinghamshire in their first game of the Johns Trophy at Waddesdon BC on Saturday 3rd June. A steady performance saw Oxon ladies win on 4 rinks with the losing rinks only losing by a small margin. A good team performance and a good start to the Johns Trophy.

Oxon 126 (18 pts), Bucks 101 (4 pts).

Donna Knight 23, V Linton-Phare 16
Carol Gaskins 29, S Smith 8
Carol Penson 22, V Room 19
Wendy Cross 15, J Sussex 19
Marion Darton 20, M Price 19
Jeanette Berry 17, L Throup 20