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Oxon men beat Bucks in a friendly

Oxfordshire were on the road last week for the short journey to neighbouring Buckinghamshire to play at Marlow on Tuesday 14th August.

Although Oxfordshire won only half the rinks the other 3 were in resounding form, all 3 with wins in double figures, to give the travellers the match by 31 shots.

Deputy President Mick Morris again led the team in the absence of President Dorling.

Oxfordshire 130 shots, Buckinghamshire 99.

Rink scores
Ron Slater Alex Fleming David Wedge Alan Wase lost 16-20.
Chris Lewis Colin Haley Brian Clarke Brian Bloomfield won 32-9
Barry Willoughby Roy Radband John McGeough Mick Morris lost 17-18
Paul Demczak Andrew French John Hurren Ken Williams won 24-11
Mike Jones John Timms Philip Warner Alan Ley lost 14-26
Steve Tolhurst Tony Backer-Holst Martin Oliver Mike Andrew won 27-15

Oxon men beat City and County of Bristol

Oxfordshire returned home to Witney Town BC to play City and County of Bristol on Tuesday 7th August.

With one rink unable to complete the match, the remaining rinks stuck to the task and won on four rinks. The losing rink was the notorious rink 3 , perhaps Bristol were not aware of its reputation.

A 50 game badge was awarded to John Stephens of Bloxham BC by Deputy President Mick Morris in the absence of President Dorling through ill health.

Oxfordshire 104 shots, City and County of Bristol 77.

Rink scores
Mike Jones John Stephens John Hurren Ian Whelpton won 27-10.
Bradley Squires Brian Ealey David Wedge Mike Andrew lost 13-22
Vic Webb Roy Radband John McGeough Paul Robbins won 26-18
Ron Slater Barry Willoughby Martin Oliver Mick Morris won 15-14.
Steve Tolhurst jJohn Timms Ken Williams Brian Bloomfield won 23-13.

Oxon men beat middlesex in HCL

With the usual story of last minute changes Oxfordshire travelled to West Ealing to play Middlesex in a Home Counties League match.

A strong start saw Oxfordshire ahead by 15 shots after 5 ends was continued throughout the afternoon and after 18 ends the lead was 49 shots with 5 of the rinks in the lead. The final result was much the same with the lead 46 and 5 winning rinks.

A colts badge was presented to Oxford City and County’s Under 25 player Joe Glen who joined 3 under 25 colleague in the side.

The win lifts Oxfordshire into 4th Place with one game left, against bottom placed Buckinghamshire on September 1st.

Oxfordshire 139 shots (20 points), Middlesex 93 shots (2 points).

Henry Beall Ian Whelpton Chris Lewis Paul Sharman won 18-16
Bradley Squires John Timms Orren Bennett David Leighfield won 24-11
Bernie May Steve Gibson Andy McIntyre Paul Skidmore won 37-10
Joe Justin David Wedge Sam Watts Shane Cooper lost 16-22
Trevor Prew Joe Glenn Brian Bloomfield Chris Weller won 22-18
Alistair Heyes Paul Denczak Richard Green Kevin Alder won 22-16

Oxon men lose to Herts in friendly

Oxfordshire travelled to Watford for a friendly match against Hertfordshire on Tuesday 31st July.

Although the rinks were shared at 3 each Oxfordshire were always struggling on the 2 outside rinks and went down by 22 shots. With three consecutive defeats on the road hopes are higher for next week’s home game at Witney Town.

Oxfordshire 106 shots, Hertfordshire 128 shots.

Paul Demczak Percy Strange John Hurren Ian Whelpton lost 13-31
Chris Lewis Martin Oliver Jojn McGeough Brian Bloomfield won 26-19
Steve Tolhurst John Timms Philip Warner Alan Ley won 21-13
Ron Slater Roy Radband Jim Lucas Richard Barnett lost 11-25
Brian Ealey Bill Jarvie Alan Wase Ken Williams won 26-15
Barry Willoughby Colin Haley David Wedge Mick Morris lost 9-25

Oxon beat Sussex in HCL

With a much changed team Oxfordshire returned home, this time to Kidlington BC, to play Sussex in a Home Counties League match on Saturday 28th July. Establishing an early lead Oxfordshire were always in complete control and finished 64 shots in front.

Highlight of the afternoon came late on on rink 5. Trailing by 4 Bradley S Henry B Orren B and David L all drew well to produce a hot shot and a 4 on the final end to win by 8. Next door Paul Sharman’s rink did not need the last ends heroics as they were always in complete control to win by 26. Running them close for the top rink prizes Shane Cooper’s four on rink 3 dropped 6 shots in ends 19 and 20 to reduce their win to 19.

The win lifts Oxfordshire into 5th Place with a game in hand on next Saurday’s opponents, Middlesex, and a gap of only 5 points.

Oxfordshire 154 shots (20 points) Sussex 90 shots (2 points).

Steve Witcombe Alistair Heyes Chris Lewis Baden Sparkes won 27-17
Bernie May Nigel Galetly Brian Clarke Kevin Alder won 21-16
Joe Justin John Hurren Remy Clanfield Shane Cooper won 30-11
Sam watts Trevor Prew Brian Bloomfield AJ Docherty lost 18-22
Bradley Squires Henry Beall Orren Bennett David Leighfield won 25-17
Richard Green Gordon Hooker Andy McIntyre Paul Sharman won 33-7

Ladies county finals – day 1

The ladies county finals were played on Saturday 28th July at City & County, in a sudden turn of the weather with conditions having gone from hot sun in previous weeks to wind and showers.

Ladies fours winners 2018The day kicked off with the ladies fours and under 25 singles. The ladies fours final was between Oxford City and County’s Sue Mayo, Jacky Gray, Carol Penson and Jeanette Berry and Banbury Central’s Carole Galletly, Pam Shepherd, Helen Young and Caroline Campion. The City and county quartet got off to a strong start picking up 5 on the first end and saw them race to a 15 – 4 lead. The weather hampered this tussle somewhat with the fours coming off for a break due to a mini monsoon! Central started their come back picking up a 4 on the 9th end to bring the score to 16 – 8 to City & County. Central battled on and pulled the score within touching distance 18 – 17 but City & County hung in there picking up a 2 and a 4 on the 18th and 20th end leaving Central 6 shots a drift. Central managed to pick up a further 2 shots but it wasn’t enough to prevent City & County becoming county fours champions.

Ladies U25 winner 2018The U25 singles final was between Emma Gilkes of Watlington and Zoe Pratley of Oxford City & County. The girls battled through the weather to finish the game. Gilkes opened the scoring with two singles and a three before Pratley answered by picking up nine shots over the next four ends. The girls traded ends and saw Pratley go 12 – 9 up. Gilkes then surged forward winning the title 21 – 13.

Ladies Triples winners 2018The triples final saw Galletly, Young and Campion play their second game of the day against club mates Mary Tee, Sue Waring and Mo Cox. The game was a one sided affair with Campion’s triple starting strong this time and continuing to apply the pressure. At 7 ends they were 12 – 1 up. Cox’s triple managed to score to increase their score to 4 but Campion’s trio picked up a 5 to increase the gap in score. Cox’s triple managed to to score 8 shots in the end but were no match for Campion’s team who finished with 21 shots.

Unbadged pairs winners 2018The unbadged pairs final saw Jenny Lynch and Ros Burden from South Oxford play Pratley and Josie Gilbert from Oxford City and County. The game started out fairly close with Pratley and Gilbert edging ahead at 7 ends 6 – 3. The South Oxford pair then started to get into their stride picking up two 5’s and a 2 to push right ahead to 15 – 6. A four on the 14th end saw the City & County pair giving themselves a chance at the title taking the score to 12 – 17, with South Oxford scoring 1 more shot and City & County picking up another 2. The South Oxford pair managed to get over the line by scoring 2 more shots with the score finishing 20 – 14.

Day 2 of the county finals was due to feature the singles, 2 wood singles and pairs but unfortunately the green was flooded and deemed unplayable by both the greenkeeper and the players. The finals have now been rearranged for Saturday 4th August starting at 9am for both singles followed by the pairs.

Oxon men lost both friendly games last week

Oxfordshire returned to the friendly match cycle with 2 away games on Tuesday and Wednesday against Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight.

The first of these was against Wiltshire at Swindon West End BC. Defeats on four rinks determined the outcome of the match with Ian Whelpton’s and Ken Williams rinks unable to make up their colleagues deficit and Wiltshire won by 8 shots. A 6-game badge was presented to Witney Town’s Roy Radband.

The following day saw the annual neutral venue of Berkshire’s Three Mile Cross BC as the venue and an early 1pm start. This time the rinks were shared 3 each but Ian and his Wednesday team were unable to repeat the previous day’s success and Oxfordshire again lost by 8 shots, with both sides scoring one more than the previous day.

Match results

Oxfordshire 118 shots, Wiltshire 126 shots.

Mike Jones Eddie Dorling Les Days Paul Robbins lost 26-27.
Allan Hunt John Timms John Benfield Alan Ley lost 22-25.
Barry Willoughby Andrew French Marin Oliver Brian Bloomfield lost 18-19.
Roy Radband Percy Hickman Jim Lucas Alan Wasr lost 12-26.
Paul Demczak Paul Killackey Nick Morris Ian Whelpton won 21-13.
Steve Tolhurst Alan Melville John Hurren Ken Williams won 19-16.

Oxfordshire 119 shots, Isle of Wight 127 shots.

David Byers Percy Strange David Bullock Philip Warner won 26-19.
Barry Willoughby John Timms Mick Morris lost 13-23.
Chris Lewis Eddie Dorling Jim Lucas Alan Ley won 32-24.
Bill Jarvie John McGeough Alex Fleming Gordon Hooker lost 11-22.
Ron Slater Colin Haley John Hurran Alan Wase won 30-16.
Roy Radband Alan Melville Geoff Thompson Ian Whelpton 7 – 23.

Oxon ladies lost to Warks in MEL

Oxfordshire ladies lost to Warkwickshire in the Middle England League. The game was played at Banbury Borough on Tuesday 24th July on a blazing hot afternoon cooled slightly by a gentle breeze.

Disappointing result by 16 shots, BOL 100, 4 pts. Warwickshire 116, 13 pts.

Sylvia Blackmore 20, D Bloxham 16
Carole Thornhill 14, D Moore 26
Jeanette Berry 20, J Corn 15
Wendy Cross 16, M Edwards 22
Pat Taylor 17, M Parsons 23
Carol Penson 13, C Cooke 14

Ladies pairs qtr and semi finals

Donna Knight and Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) and Carole Galletly and Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) are through to the national pairs championships held at Leamington Spa in August.

Hawes and Knight won comfortably in the quarter final, the semi final was a closer game against a pair from Shiplake with Hawes and Knight going 2 – 12 down but pulling it back to 6 – 12 before picking up a 7 to edge ahead. Campion and Galletly won both games convincingly which completed a bumper year for Campion and Galletly who qualified in 4 events but Campion couldn’t attempt make it all 5 because she didn’t enter the 2 wood singles! A special mention should go to the U25 pair of Katie Glenn and Emma Gilkes who battled back in their quarter final from 1 – 15 down against Witney Town to take the game to an extra end and take them into the semi final. It is good to see the U25’s breaking through to the final stages of the county competitions.

Quarter finals:
K Hawes 27 (Oxford City & County), S waring (Banbury Central) 6, D Jacob (Shiplake) 23, R Lloyd (Bicester) 18, P Shepherd (Banbury Central) 9, C Campion 17, E Gilkes 26 (Watlington), C Bloomfield (Witney Town) 25.

Semi finals:
K Hawes 25, D jacob 17.
C Campion 27, E Gilkes 3.

Ladies pairs qtr and semi finals on Saturday

Oxon ladies pairs quarter and semi finals will be played at Thame BC on Saturday 21st July starting at 10am (players report by 9:30am in whites/club shirts and club stickers). Refreshments will be available.

Katherine Hawes (Oxford City and County) v Sue Waring (Banbury Central)
Daphne Jacob (Shiplake) v Renee Lloyd (Bicester)
Pam Shepherd (Banbury Central) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central)
Emma Gilkes (Watlington) v Caroline Bloomfield (Witney Town)