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Oxon men lose to Leics in friendly

Oxfordshire men travelled to Leicestershire and Narborough BC on Wednesday 5th June .

Oxfordshire were always struggling to stay in touch and by the end were 13 shots behind, having won on 2 rinks and only losing 2 rinks by a single shot.

A colts badge was awarded to Carterton’s Roger Oliver and a full badge to John Hurren (Burford BC) and OBA treasurer.

Oxfordshire 102 Leicestershire 115

B Willoughby J Stephens J Benfield M Andrew won 19-16.
N Hambridge J McGeough J Hurren B Bloomfield won 23-20.
R Radband T Gripe D Wedge M Morris lost 19-20.
K Washngton A Smith K Buckle I Whelpton lost 10-23.
B Jrvie B Ealey D Bullock A Ley lost 14-18.
P Demczak R Oliver a Fleming C Lewis lost 17-18.

Oxon ladies beat Northants in MEL

BOL played Northamptonshire on Thursday 6th June 2019 at Banbury Borough BC who provided excellent hospitality and a delicious meal after the match.  

Result:  BOL 135 shots, 14 points, Northants 100 shots, 3 points  

An excellent win for Oxfordshire Ladies with a win on four rinks, 1 draw and 1 loss by just 4 shots.  

Margaret Morris, Carole Thornhill, Sylvia Blackmore, Wendy Cross drew 21-21
Jan Gore, Erica Brown, Caroline Bloomfield, Jeanette Berry won 28 – 17 Jackie Stafford, Jenny Banton, Helen Young, Carol Gaskins won 17-14
Pam Shepherd, Chris Purnell, Angela Ives, Carol Penson lost 14-18
Liz Kemish, Jenny Williams, Pam Faulkner, Brenda Havard won 25-17
Katie Bland, Pat Taylor, Maggie Alderson, Caroline Campion won 30-13

Past Presidents get a win and a soaking

The Past Presidents won their first game  of 2019 with a 76-52 win away to Huntingdonshire Past Presidents at Holywell-cum-Needingworth BC, which is about 7 miles outside St.Ives. Thankfully, none of the Oxfordshire drivers programmed their Sat Nav to St. Ives in Cornwall.

The weather forecast did not bode well and with the weather getting wetter it was agreed that seventeen ends would be enough. By that time, Oxfordshire had won on four of the five rinks, with Allan Hunt, Bill Jarvie, Keith Buckle and Ian Whelpton being the fifth rink, losing 8-16 in a close game. Barry Willoughby, Terry Gripe, Martin Oliver and Ken Williams took the highest winning rink 20-4.

They were closely challenged by Roy Radband, Andrew French, Chairman Peter Latter and skip Alan Ley who had the same shots difference at fourteen ends but missed out on the last 3, finally winning 19-7.

Paul Demczak, John Timms, David Wedge and Chris Lewis edged their tight game 13-10, whilst Ron Slater, Tony Backer-Holst, John McGeough and Brian Bloomfield achieved their 16-15 win with a single on the last end.

The hot beef casserole after the match was most welcoming and even though they couldn’t organise good weather, the Holywell-cum-Needingworth club were perfect hosts.

Oxon men beat Somerset in Friendly

Oxfordshire hosted Somerset at Chipping Norton BC on Tuesday 28th May. In weather that could not decide what to do, the Oxfordshire side were more decisive. With the three rinks  of the selectors winning by variable amounts , defeat on two rinks produced a win by 14 shots.

Oxfordshire 121, Somerset 107

B Jarvie G Thompson D Bullock B Bloomfield won 22-17.
P Hckman J Timms A Fleming M Andrew won 22-12
A Hunt A French J Lucas M Morris won 16-15.
S Tolhurst J McGeough J Benfield A Ley lost 14-24.
M Jones C Haley D Wedge I Whelpton won 31-17
P Demczak T Gripe J Hurren L Days lost 16-22.


Oxon lose to Berks in HCL

Oxfordshire played Berkshire in the first match of the season on Saturday 25th May at Shrivenham BC. With the scores level after 5 ends the match looked like being a close contest. After 10 ends Oxfordshire had established a small lead of 3 shots. The lead was short lived and by close of play Berkshire had had established a 23 shot winning margin. Paul Sharman and Shane Cooper lead their Prinks to wins and Paul Comley and co fought hard and went down by a single shot. A Colts badge was awarded to Adderbury’s Phil Gladden and a 6 game badge to Banbury Borough’s Joe Abercrombie returning to the Oxfordshire side after a season away because of work commitments.

Oxfordshire 113 and 4 points, Berkshire 136 and 18 points.

Bradley Squires Trevor Prew Andy McIntyre Paul Sharman won 21-14
Keith Holloway Chris Lewis Lee Young A J Docherty lost 18-22
Percy Hickman Jim Bland Phil Gladden Kevin Alder lost 14-27
Steve Witcombe Orren Bennett Paul Skidmore David Leighfield lost 14-30
Joe Abercrombie Gordon hooker Brian Bloomfield Shane Cooper won 25-21
Bernie May Richard Green Les Days Paul Comley lost 21-22

Oxon men edge past Beds in friendly

Oxfordshire travelled to Linslade BC on Tuesday 21st May to play Bedfordshire. In a match that was always close that the close with 3 wins to each side the outcome of the match depended on the final end of the final match, with Oxfordshire already secure in winning the rink, the shot changed twice and the outcome was a single shot to Oxfordshire ensuring a win for the visitors by a single shot.

Oxfordshire 113, Bedfordshire 112.

R Slater D Byers A Wase B Clarke won 19-18.
A Hunt D Lafford K Williams B Bloomfield lost 17-23.
M Jones B Ealey G Hooker M Morris lost 8-28.
P Demczak R Radband C Cox M Andrew won 23-13
H Franklin D Bullock J Hurren  A Ley lost 17-21.
C Lewis N Satchell P Warner I Whelpton won 29-9.

Oxon ladies lose to Wilts in friendly

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies played Wiltshire at Highworth BC on Tuesday 21st May 2019. A challenging green which went in Wiltshire’s favour.

BOL 101, Wiltshire 123  

Carol Gaskins 19, S Bird 17
Wendy Cross 17, M Annetts 25
Carole Galletly 28, C Coombs 5
Jeanette Berry 9, B Lilley 25
Carol Penson 18, B Land 18
Brenda Havard 10, J Rowe 35

Men’s fours quarter finals

City and County BC was the host for the quarter finals of the men’s fours.

The first game was between Watlington’s Adi Kemish, Adie Twinn, Will Soden and Chris Gilkes and Headington’s Jon Philpott, Ray Gaskins, Nathan Lewis and Howard Watts. Headington took an early lead of 5 shots after 7 ends. Watlington battled back to be drawing at 10 ends, 9-9. Back to back 2’s for the Headington rink see them increase their lead to 18-12 after 17 ends and this aided them in their victory, seeing the Watlington rink only able to pick up 3 shots on the remaining 4 ends, with Headington picking 1 up. Final score 19-15.

The second game was an all Headington affair between Mick Nash, Paul Mabbutt, Ian Snowdon and Nick Rae-Welsh against Sam Watts, Ian Henwood, Jason King and Mark Charlett. Charlett’s rink took a commanding lead after 10 ends, being 16 shots to 2 up. Their lead then continued through the game, with another 10 shots picked up to Rae-Welsh’s 1. Final score 26-3 and sees them play clubmates of Howard Watts in the first semi-final.

The third quarter final see last year’s winners, West Witney’s Bradley Squires, Harvey Alder, David Leighfield and Kevin Alder against Carterton’s Peter Latter, Dan Wakeman, David Clanfield and Remy Clanfield. A game of single shot pick-ups, with one 2, see the game at 8-4 to the Witney rink after 11 ends. Carterton then picked up a 5 on the 12th end to take the lead for the first time, briefly. Witney then picked up shots on 8 ends of the last 9 to secure their place in the second semi-final, 20-11 victors

The last quarter final see Banbury Borough’s Keith Holloway, Mark Sykes, Alan Prew and A J Docherty against Burford’s John Hurren, Roger Parker, Tim Stacey and Jack Lafford. The first third of the game see the score level at 7-7. The next six ends see Borough score 8 shots to Burford’s 2. A 3 for Burford gave them a chance before Borough scored 7 shots off the back of this to enhance their lead. Burford scored 3 in the last 2 ends, but this was not enough and see Borough secure the win, 22-16. They will play West Witney in the second semi-final.

The county semi-finals day will be at Carterton BC on Sunday 14th July.

Ladies unbadged pairs played down to final

The Eileen Hopkins Unbadged Pairs was played at Chipping Norton on Sunday 19th May 2019 with an entry of 9 pairs from various clubs. We were lucky with the weather, not too hot and the rain held off.   Many thanks for the hospitality at Chipping Norton, the refreshments were non stop and the green bowled well.  

Finalists playing at County Finals in July:  Joy Williams/Veta Bennett (Kidlington) and Marge Ferguson/Wendy Sandy (Carterton)  

Quarter finals: Sheila Oldham/Sheila Lovett (West Witney) lost to Sue Markham/Lucy Watts (Watlington) 14-15 Adrienne Brown/Linda Coles (Banbury Borough) lost to Joy Williams/Veta Bennett (Kidlington) 15-19 Carole Regan/Lyn Dunsby (Witney Mills) lost to Marge Ferguson/Wendy Sandy (Carterton) 11-13 Zoe Pratley/Josie Gilbert (Oxford City and County) lost to Hilary Thomas/Anne Kearvell (Bloxham) 11-19  

Semi finals: Sue/Lucy lost to Joy/Veta 12-19 Hilary/Anne lost to Marge/Wendy 6-13

Oxon ladies top MEL table

Bowls Oxfordshire ladies won their second Middle England League (MEL) game against Glouscestershire on Tuesday 14th May at Barnwood BC. There were wins on 4 rinks and draws on two. The victory means that Oxforshire tops the MEL table being the only team to have won both games.

BOL 127, 15 points.  Gloucestershire 100, 2 points. 

Jeanette Berry 25, J Sheward 19
Carol Penson 25, J Howes 15
Carol Gaskins 25, P MacGregor 17
Caroline Campion 19, R Hughes 19
Brenda Havard 19, L Challener 16
Wendy Cross 14, K Gent 14