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Oxon beat Bristol in friendly

Oxfordshire travelled to Bristol St George BC to play City and County of Bristol on Tuesday 6th August. After a rain-swept start the weather improved and the match was completed in the dry. With the lead set by rink 1 who established a 15 shot lead by the 10th end the other rinks followed their lead and with only rink 4 surrendering their lead on end 20 Oxfordshire ended the match with their biggest win of the season. In the absence of the President Paul Demczak, Deputy President, lead the Oxfordshire men with style.

Oxfordshire 158 City and County of Bristol 90

C Lewis J Hurren J Lucas A Wase won 30-7.
S Tolhurst R Oliver G Thompson R Barnett won 24-20.
P Demczak J Stephens M Oliver I Whelpton won 29-15.
M Jones C Haley P Warner A Ley lost 21-22.
R Slater B Ealey A Fleming B Bloomfield won 27-16.
B Willoughby J McGeough D Wedge B Clarke won 27-10.

Oxon lose to Middlesex in HCL

Oxfordshire returned to South Oxford BC on Saturday 3rd August for the Home Counties League match against Middlesex.

Hopes remained high until the 18thend when 5 of the rinks conceded 16 ends with only Kevin Alder’s 4 picking up a 2. This 14 shot deficit decided the match and Middlesex won by 13.

With only the away game against Buckinghamshire to play Oxfordshire’s hopes for 2019 were brought to a sad end.

Oxfordshire 112 and 4 points, Middlesex 125 and 18 points.

Henry Beall Richard Green Steve Aldren Paul Robbins lost 14-23.
Bernie May Alan Ley Chris Weller Chris Charles lost 12-22.
Bradley Squires Chris Lewis Ade Kemish Paul Sharman lost 17-21.
Paul Demczak David Wedge Sam Watts Shane Cooper lost 16-23.
Brian Bloomfield Mick Morris Orren Bennett Kevin Alder won 29-17.
Trevor Prew Alan Wase Brian Clarke Paul Comley won 24-19.

Oxon pipped by Herts in friendly

Oxfordshire hosted Hertfordshire at Oxford City and County on 30th July and for the second week running the game was curtailed to 18 ends by the weather, this time by rain. Starting slowly Oxfordshire trailed by 6 shots after 10 ends and were 9 behind after 15.  By close of play the deficit was down to 3 shots and Oxfordshire had gained the upper hand only for the rain to halt proceedings.

The highlight of the after-game meal was the celebration of Alan Ley’s 900th game for Oxfordshire (see separate tribute) as well as the 100th game for City and Count’s Vice President Chris Lewis and a colts badge for South Oxford’s David Tidball

Oxfordshire 97 Hertfordshire 100.

 B Jarvie A Smith K Buckle B Clarke won 16-14.
P Hickman T Gripe M Oliver I Whelpton lost 11-18.
C Lewis n Satchell D Bullock B Bloomfield won 20-17.
S Tolhurst K Williams D Tidball M Morris lost 17-19.
P Demczak J Hurren G Thompson A Wase lost 16-20.
R Green b Ealey D Wedge A Ley won 17-12.

Oxon men friendlies

Oxfordshire hosted Essex at Thame BC on 16th July and only managed to win on 1 rinks, albeit by 26 shots thanks to the efforts of Paul Demczak John McGeough Martin Oliver and Brian Clarke.  The 5 lost rinks meant that Oxfordshire lost the match by 5 shots.

Oxfordshire 109 Essex 114.

R Slater C Haley B Ray K Williams lost 11-19.
S Tolhurst T Gripe G Hooker M Andrew lost 13-25.
R Radband B Ealey L Days M Morris lost 17-18.
P Demczak J McGeough M Oliver and B Clarke won 35-9.
M Jones G Thompson P Warner P Robbins lost 15-16.
B Willoughby R Oliver D Wedge A Ley lost 18-27.

A week later the scene move to the north west of the county for the visit of Wiltshire for the visit of Wiltshire to West Witney BC.  Wins on 4 rinks were insufficient to counteract the two defeats on rinks 5 and 6 and Oxfordshire lost by 2 shots.

Oxfordshire 105 Wiltshire 107.

P Hickman J Stephens M Oliver L Days won 21-16.
M Jones T Gripe J Lucas P Robbins won 21-14.
S Tolhurst N Satchell B Ray A Ley won 24-19.
D Wright B Ealey I Whelpton B Clarke won 15-11.
J Timms J Hurren M Morris B Bloomfield lost 8-25.
P Demczak G Thompson P Warner M Andrew lost 16-22.

The following the annual match against the Isle of Wight at neutral green Three Mile Cross BC in Berkshire resulted in another close match. With three wins to each side the result was a draw, thanks to wins for Oxfordshire on the last end of 5 of the rinks. A colts badge was awarded to Shiplake’s John Gutteridge.

Oxfordshire 107 Isle of Wight 107.

Paul Demczak John Gutteridge J Lucas K Williams lost 10-25.
R Slater J McGeough T Gripe B Bloomfield won 21-12.
C Lewis C Hale A Fleming M Morris won 25-14.
B Jarvie J Timms G Thompson A Ley won 22-16.
P Christmas R Oliver D Bullock C Cox lost 11-18.
D Byers J Hurren D Wedge I Whelpton lost 18-22.

Oxon men lose to Sussex in HCL

Oxfordshire played Sussex on Saturday 27th July at Eastbourne BC. After 5 ends the scores were level despite a disappointing end 2 for Ray Gaskins rink dropping a 7.  For the next few ends the overall scores were close thanks mainly to the rink of Will Campion. Then things started to go Sussex’s way and by the 15th end the deficit had grown to 24 shots. With Kevin Alder’s rink winning by 4 shots it was left to the 2 outside rinks to win their 21st end to win their rink and share the rinks points and keep the final total shot difference to 31.

Oxfordshire remain in 5th place in the Home Counties League 18 points behind league leaders Middlesex who play at South Oxford on Saturday. 

Oxfordshire 100 and 6 points Sussex 131 and 16 points.

Rink scores
Percy Hickman Brian Clarke Gordon Hooker Paul Skidmore won 18-17.
Chris Lewis Alan Ley Jim Bland Ray Gaskins lost 13-24.
Henry Beall Phil Gladden Les Days Chris Weller lost 12-28.
Joe Justin James MacDonough Stuart Timms Kevin Alder won 19-15.
Trevor Prew Steve Aldren Orren Bennett David Leighfield lost 16-26.
Richard Green Ted Eley Brian Bloomfield Will Campion won 22-21.

City and county and Banbury teams qualify for the ladies pairs

Donna Knight and Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) and Carole Galletly and Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) have qualified for the national ladies pairs held at Leamington Spa in August.

Knight and Hawes faced their clubmates Jacky Gray and Carol Penson in the quarter final by 2 shots before going onto defeat Jan Gore and Caroline Bloomfield (Witney Town) by 10 in the semi final to qualify.

Galletly and Campion beat fellow clubmates Eloise Jones and Mo Cox on an extra end the quarter final before booking their place in the finals by beating Katie Glenn and Emma Gilkes (Watlington) by 6 in the semi final.


Qtr Final:
K Hawes 18, C Penson 16
C Bloomfield 19, B Havard (Banbury Central) 15
C Campion 21, M Cox 20
E Gilkes 23, V Bindon (Oxford City & County) 14

Semi Final:
K Hawes 23, C Bloomfield 13
C Campion 26, E Gilkes 20

Oxon ladies lose to Surrey in friendly

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies played Surrey at Witney Town on Tuesday 16th July 2019   A win to Surrey by 18 shots, 108; BOL 90 played over 18 ends due to another hot, sunny day.  

Sandra Grindrod, Pam Willoughby, Dawn Lynch, Brenda Havard 12, Surrey 19
Carole Walker, Barbara Singh, Hazel Oliver, Jeanette Berry 14, Surrey 11
Margaret Stacey, Mavis Hale, Pam Faulkner, Carol Penson 11, Surrey 23
Margaret Morris, Jenny Banton, Sylvia Blackmore, Carole Thornhill 21, Surrey 20
Anne Hale, Jane Williams, Maureen Cox, Wendy Sandy 15, Surrey 20
Jackie Stafford, Lyn Cooper, Pam Shepherd, Caroline Bloomfield 17, Surrey 15

U25’s lose to Surrey in JHCL

On Sunday 23rd June, Oxfordshire under 25s travelled to Malden Manor to play Surrey in the Junior Home Counties league. Despite a close battle throughout the game, Surrey were victorious by a score of 8-2, and by 11 shots. 

Jamie Wilkinson’s rink of Luke Gilbert, Sam Kibblewhite and Brandon King were always up against it playing Junior International skip Charlie Souter. The Oxon boys applied themselves well but Charlie continued to play big running bowls to great effect, and Jamie fell to a 12-26 defeat.

Captain Orren Bennett’s rink of Joe Justin, debutant Brandon Appleton, and Ben Dickson started well and led throughout the game. Unfortunately, Surrey skip Eoghan Harding’s rink never let Orren get away, and with a count of 4 on the final end, Surrey took the rink 18-19.

Harvey Alder came into the game confident after winning their rink well in the previous game and his rink of Jonathan Dadson, Jack Kendall and Joe Glenn continued in the same vein. They led from start to finish, and while they did drop a few shots late on while chasing the overall score, they still recorded a 22-18 win. 

A good performance from the boys despite the result. Big thanks to Brandon Appleton of Chadlington for stepping in at short notice for his debut and he gave an excellent account of himself. Lots of positives going forward to the final JHCL game vs Kent.  

Oxon men beat Kent in HCL

After an 18-4 win in the Home Counties League against Surrey at the end of June and last week’s victory over Isle of Wight in the Middleton Cup, Oxfordshire returned to Kidlington to play Kent, their opponents in the regional final of the Middleton Cup, in the Home Counties League on Saturday 13th July.

After a level start with only 3 shots between the sides after 10 ends, Oxfordshire applied pressure and had gained a lead of 34 shots at the conclusion of end 15. Solid play saw Oxfordshire home by 54 shots and by 5 rinks to 1. With 5 of the rinks skipped by Middleton Cup players it was the other rink skipped by Les Days  playing with the vastly experience Alan ley and 2 belated recipients of their full county badges Percy Hickman (Chipping Norton) and Paul Robbins (Witney Mills), who recorded the biggest win by 24 shots.

Oxfordshire 142 and 20 points Kent 88 and 2 points.

Rink scores

Joe Abercrombie Gordon hooker Ted Eley Paul Skidmore won 28-17.
Percy Hickman Alan ley Paul Robbins Les Days won 32-8.
Paul Demczak Chris Cox Orren Bennett Shane Cooper won 26-14.
Joe Justin Jamie MacDonough Stuart (Sammy) Timms Paul Sharman lost 12-21
Chris Lewis Henry Beall Chris Weller Chris Gilkes won 20-16
Richard Green Trevor Prew Brian Clarke Kevin Alder won 24-12

With 2 other matches played at the same time Oxfordshire’s position in the table is improved despite big wins for leaders Berkshire and second-placed Buckinghamshire.

Unofficial standings after the games are

Berkshire played 5 54 points
Buckinghamshire 4 50 points
Sussex 4 46points
Middlesex 4 44points
Oxfordshire 3 42points
Kent 4 40points
Surrey 4 32 points

Oxfordshires outstanding games are:

Sussex away at Eastbourne 27th July
Middlesex at South Oxford 3rd August
Buckinghamshire away at Olney 31st August

Oxon ladies lose to Berks in friendly

Another sunny day, but a gusty wind to contend with at South Oxford BC on Friday 12th July.   A win for Berkshire by 13 shots. 

BOL 97, Berkshire 110.  

Janet Fountain, Chris Purnell, Pam Faulkner, Wendy Cross 24, Berkshire 15 Jan Gore, Maggie Alderson, Rosemary Phelps, Brenda Havard 20, Berkshire 13
Karen Galloway, Gill Muir, Pauline Williams, Carole Thornhill 12, Berkshire 27
Margaret Stacey, Pam Willoughby, Dawn Lynch, Maureen Osborne 16, Berkshire 19
Jackie Stafford, Sandra Wase, Erica Brown, Jeanette Berry 14, Berkshire 16 Margaret Bullock, Elaine Robinson, Doreen Penn, Carol Penson 11, Berkshire 20